Morgane Maurice Photography

Morgane Maurice is a French photographer based in London, shooting beauty and fashion.

Notable clients and publications include: YSL Beauty, Armani Beauty, Ashley Graham, Prada Beauty, Lancôme, Dazed, Vogue Business, Vogue UK & Russia, Selfridges, Bulgari, Miss Sixty, 111SKIN, Max Factor, Hurr, WhoWhatWear, Shona Joy, Hayley Menzies, The Hippie Shake...

Born and raised in Paris...

After a degree in Fashion design in the city of lights, Morgane moved to London to study Fashion Media Styling at the London College of Fashion whilst photographing her own projects on the side. Before settling on photography and video, she has tried her hand at styling, fashion design, set design and illustration, giving her a 360, all-encompassing vision for fashion. 

With humble beginnings, she seized every opportunity she could, interning for cult 90's designer XULY.Bët and starting to work as a dresser at shows during Paris Fashion Week at the age of 18, for brands such as Chanel (where she had to strut in front of Karl Lagerfeld during rehearsals) and Thom Browne. The love of this thrill and excitement of fashion never left her and, a few years later, she returned to Fashion Week as a photographer to capture streetstyle outside the shows and the looks backstage twice a year.

Thanks to a rich mixed heritage of her own, Morgane has a deep belief in the beauty of bodies of different sizes and colour and always strives to capture diversity through the models, attendees and clients she photographs. 

On a personal level, she has photographed for several charities providing mentoring for young girls or support for POC in positions of power in business.  

An avid music lover who plays a few instruments, Morgane went to her first rave in her early teens (her parents were part of the organizers) and enjoys few places more than a dark and loud concert venue. She draws a lot of her inspiration from musicians, movies and all things vintage, especially from the 60's and 70s. 

She also travels whenever she can (and is allowed) and dreams of one day crossing the USA by way of route 66 and a 1956 pink Cadillac Eldorado. 

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