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  1. 10 Apps To Up Your Instagram Game

    06 Aug 2018
    Instagram is an amazing platform for discovery and reaching out to new people, but for it to work it takes one thing: dedication.  So whilst there is no way around spending time engaging with other users and crafting great content, these apps will definitely make your life easier. From editing…

  2. Why Crediting Is So Important

    28 Jun 2018
    Today I would like to address an issue that is rife on Instagram, affecting photographers and influencers alike : crediting (or lack thereof).  What inspired this article is a story, all too common, brought to my attention by streetstyle photographer Moeez Ali @moeeztali (23.4K followers).  Sita Abellan, a Spanish influencer…

  3. How To Prepare For A Shoot Like A Pro (Streetstyle + Studio)

    11 Jun 2018
    In my previous post, I’ve explained to you why you should invest in a photographer.  You’ve now decided to take the leap and booked your first shoot : well done ! But how to prepare ?  Using my past experience as a stylist and tips I currently like to give…

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