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5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Photographer

Lately I have been getting a lot of requests for photography that are at best uninformed and at worst, quite offensive. 

One of the biggest problems photographers (and often more generally, freelance workers) have to face is always the same: money.
As an employee, rules are pretty simple: do this and get paid that, work this amount of hours and receive this amount of money. 

But what if you are a photographer, blogger, graphic designer ? These jobs tend to have as many rates as there are people doing them and it can be hard to navigate. 

Am I too cheap and giving it away ? Too expensive and missing opportunities ? These are questions we keep asking ourselves on an almost daily basis and a topic that has been on my mind for a long time. 

So whether you’re a brand or an individual and think photographers are totally worth your money (or not), read on to see reasons why you should invest in one…  

1.For their vision.

Ah, the artists and their “vision”. It might sound funny at first but if you think about it, what separates a good picture from a bad one ?

When I’m shooting, I look at things differently and ask myself little questions that when put together, make a big difference. The way light reflects on your model, the angle the shot is taken from, the composition of the image, the background you’re shooting against, the clothes falling perfectly into place… All of these things might seem small but they are crucial to the final image. A photographer has years of experience looking at all these things and will instinctively know what works for you and the shot, and what doesn’t.

2. For their direction.

Pro or not, posing for a camera can be quite nerve-wracking. You can look like Gisele in front of your mirror or when taking a selfie, but add a big camera and a few people staring and … Freeze ! You don’t know what to do with yourself.

A good photographer is not only there to handle their camera but also – and I find it most important – to make you feel comfortable and give you directions. We all have insecurities: seeing yourself on camera can make these a lot more apparent so it’s always good to tell your photographer about them beforehand. Before the shoot starts, I always ask my subjects the kind of shots they need, what they like and what they don’t.

3. For their equipment.

Sure, your friends can take pictures of you on your phone which is easy and relatable and might work for you. But there is a depth, a magic to professional photography that simply cannot be achieved with an iPhone (no, not even on your new portrait mode).

But that magic has a cost: your photographer’s kit with a pro camera, a few lenses, flash and bag to transport it all ? That probably set them back about 4-5 grand at the very least, and this is only for a pretty basic kit as the starting price for certain brands like Hasselblad or Leica is around 10k. Let that sink in. Now add expenses such as tax and insurance and you get a better idea of the pricing.

4. For their time.

I always try to price my shoots fairly for clients in a way that’s affordable for them and sustainable for me.

One of my clients once told me that even if blogging didn’t work out, she would still have pictures to show her kids some day of how cool their mom used to be and I love this idea that a shoot is a treat to yourself.

For an average streetstyle shoot (studio or indoor shoot would also require more equipment and set-up as well as hiring fees most of the time), I would spend time on:

-researching an area or specific location to shoot, online or by going.

-travel to and from the shoot, count 1-2 hours.

-taking the pictures, 1-2 hours for a quick shoot.

-editing, which means downloading the images, getting rid of blurry/ eyes closed shots, preparing a contact sheet, sending it to the client, selecting the final images

-retouching, from lighting to colors to that pesky pimple on your chin, to make that shot extra special. I’m a perfectionist so I also like to spend extra time adding highlights and contours to the face…  On request I can also perform things like removing a double chin or slimming down but personally I prefer keeping that natural.  

All in all, a shoot may seem like a 2 hour job for you but will most likely be anything from an extra half-day to several days of post processing work for the photographer, so always keep in mind shooting time is only a fraction of the time spent on your final images.  

5. For it’s their job and no one should work for free*

This last one is pretty straight-forward and obvious, yet a lot of people seem to think it’s ok to ask.

Would you go to a hair salon and ask not to pay ? Would you go to a shop, get a pair of shoes and tell them you’ll pay the next time if you decide to come back ?

It’s the same when you ask a photographer to work for free.

If you’re a brand and will use the images to sell your products or a blogger promoting yourself or doing an ad, it’s only fair that the person creating the images gets paid as well.

This being said, I would rather establish a long-lasting relationship with my clients so if I know we will be working together regularly, I’m happy to offer deals. It’s all about balance.

*There may be a few examples when working for free is ok, but only if it truly benefits all parties equally. Editorial shoots are rarely paid and are a good example of people getting together for the goal of creating interesting images. When you’re starting out, it can also be worth working for free or discounted rates to help get your name out there.

These are some of the reasons (but there are a lot more!) why you should invest in a quality photographer. In a society where imagery is so important and part of our daily life, working with a photographer and paying them fairly is a way of ensuring only the best for your business and yourself.

If you’d like to work with me, you can contact me on or on my Instagram @morganemaurice

Pictures: the amazing Soraya Bakhtiar shot by me for Hayley Menzies Portobello, a brand I trust and work with regularly.

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